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Noah Moyer

Hello, my name is Noah Moyer and this is a website that I am using to host my resume and show off any projects that I am working on or have worked on. This will give you a good idea of who I am and what kind of skills that I have.


University of Michigan Dearborn, Bachelors in Computer Sciences


2016 - 2021

Quick overview:

  • Software Engineering (Project Emulation, Team-based Documentation)
  • Database Management (SQL)
  • Programming Languages (PERL, C#, Python, C++, Java)
  • Software Architecture (Object-Oriented Programming, Efficient Program Structure)

Detailed overview:
Software engineering: Over the last two years of my degree our course work focused on life cycle and project emulation. Developed documentation that helps understanding what is involved in the creation of an application and being able to communicate that to a client. These projects were team based to further develop cross team communication in order to make documentation that a client would need.

Database management: Senior course work required that I create a SQL database to manage the inventory for a customer and allow client to run queries. This was a functional database that could be hosted locally centering around data entry and reporting.

Software architecture: Over the last three years of college, I studied ways to structure classes, programs that allowed for more efficient programs, and standardization. Object Oriented Programming is based on “Classes”, or types of objects that perform their own functions independently of everything, to manipulate tasks, functions or data. For instance, if you have a cafe that has a menu, and on the menu is a BLT sandwich. There are basic elements of the BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) that are essential but not unchangeable, so you create a class for BLT. This will allow for additions and subtractions to cater to the client’s order but maintains the essence of BLT on the menu as a starting point. The end result is to stop from making a “class” for every ingredient, only a menu item, and avoid making the menu a huge selection for every ingredient that the client has to choose from to build a BLT.

Programming languages exposed me to the basics of how programming languages work and I used a wide variety of them on assignments. Over the four years of my course work we used PERL, C#, Python, C++, Java, and many more. This learning style was intended to teach us the core similarities languages share and how to move from one to another or even marry languages to complete a project.


The City of Ann Arbor, Help desk specialist


March 2022 - Present

Quick overview:

  • Project management for JAVS court recording install.
  • Service Desk Specialist for the city's IT department, handling computer and hardware deployments.
  • Resolving technical issues onsite and remotely through various communication channels.
  • Developed two applications: "App Access Time Analyzer" to optimize application licensing, and "Election Saver" to automate election processes. (C#, SQL, .NET)

Detailed overview:
I have taken over project management for the installation of a JAVS (Judicial AV Solution) that the 15th District Court is having installed in their courtrooms. This involves coordinating with the JAVS vendor, the users at the Court Clerk's office, and the various teams that exist in the City's IT department to get the installation taken care of successfully. I handle maintaining the system and supporting the software directly to the users. The JAVS system is used to record video and audio of court proceedings along with incorporating Zoom Room integration so that people can join court remotely.

Service Desk Specialist for the city’s IT department. Deploys computers, applications, and hardware daily throughout the City. Resolves technical issues for employees onsite and remotely using a variety of techniques from phone calls, chats to Remote Desktop assistance. Written and coded two applications for the IT department to use on a weekly basis. “App access time analyzer”, is used to determine out of a set of applications, which ones are installed and how frequently they are used by users. This serves two purposes: first is giving the IT dept a tool to know what application licenses to charge a department for. This is essential in proper charge backs as sometimes an application is installed, but never used, and in that situation, you don’t want to charge a department for something that they are not effectively using. The second purpose is to help the Help Desk find out what applications to install on a computer that is replacing an old one and allows the Helpdesk to not have to rely solely on asking users what applications they use.

The other application I am working on is called “Election Saver”. The simple UI (User Interface) of this application was developed to be used for a Receiving Board when the City of Ann Arbor hosts an election. The Receiving Board gets an encrypted flash drive from precincts that they need to unlock, copy all the files to a network shared drive, and then print all the reports to hand back to the precinct workers so they can report that information. The goal of the “Election Saver” is to automate the repetitive tasks that are involved in and eliminate human error from this very critical task. Thus reducing the time it takes to process over fifty precincts by more than half.

Iconma, Supporting Google/Waymo, Software Quality Operations Associate

November 2021 - March 2022

Waymo is a software development company that is a subsidiary of google. They are working on developing artificial intelligence (AI) designed to drive cars. Part of that development is using recorded data from when their actual cars were driving around and run simulations on new versions of the self-driving AI to see how it performs in real world scenarios before using is on physical cars. When an event where a collision or something potentially wrong happens, it is flagged and sent to people to review. My position here was to review those events to determine if what happened was a result of bad decision making on the AI, something the AI could not avoid, or if nothing undesired happened at all. I would review anywhere between 50 to 150 events a day.

King Carpentry

March 2018-October 2021

I was a finish carpenter responsible for installing cabinets, hand railing and trim products in production homes such as Pulte and Tolls Brothers. Kitchens require that I visualize the finished product while keeping obstacles like vents, water lines, and openings for appliances in mind. I have learned to manage materials on a job as efficiently as possible by utilizing techniques like memory management in a computer. I also work with customers in order to produce the highest quality product while keeping them satisfied.

Panera Bread

April 2017-March 2019

At Panera I primarily delivered food to customers. This required that I considered the locations, due time of each delivery, and the number of deliveries to take at one time in order to plan a route that is as efficient as possible. I was also depended upon to help the other associates checking orders, preparing food, and making sure the cafe was always prepared for the next customers.


Markus Davis

City of Annn Arbor Helpdesk Manager

Russel King

One of the owners of King Carpentry

Josh Walk

Trainer and Foreman

Please contact me if you wish to speak with one of my references

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